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Pillow Talk – A case where money doesn’t equal sense

House chores are a pain in the proverbial; and none more so than bed-making. There’s the sheet that refuses to stay tucked under the mattress…the ‘fitted sheet’ that creates a hammock effect before pinging off all four corners. And then there’s the task of putting the duvet inside its cover, requiring you to contort yourself into every shape possible in an effort to end up with something that doesn’t resemble [...]

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GoldieBlox Vs Lego; why can’t we all be Friends?

During a recent meeting with a client, I got into an interesting discussion about the idea of ‘segmentation’- how insight and concepts always change as a direct consequence of targeting – and I was reminded of the perceived battle between Lego and a new toy company called GoldieBlox to create the ultimate construction toy targeted exclusively at girls. Like many people born post-war, my childhood was coloured by those little [...]

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‘Fish on Wheels’ stalling at the starting line – will it make the ‘fin’ish line?

A list of things to do; take out the bins, feed the cat and walk No, this isn’t a list of jobs waiting for me at home, but it does lend itself to some rather interesting questions about the latest product I spotted. A team of Dutch researchers have developed a remote control aquarium on wheels that fish can steer themselves; aptly named ‘fish on wheels’. Here is a [...]

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The Blind leading the Lazy? – Taking a step in the wrong direction with Lechal’s GPS insoles

Would you trust your shoes to tell you where to walk? Have you ever got into your car, set the Satellite navigation to your destination and then set off following its instructions without reference to a map, or without really knowing where you are going? The temptation to blindly trust the device is one that we often fall into. Since the arrival of Sat-Navs and GPS, our innate sense of [...]

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The Booze Bra ‘Wine Rack’ and its double benefits – You couldn’t make this stuff up

In teaching the creation of value propositions, I always advocate that a product or solution can only have one single minded benefit. From Volvo's focus on Safety to Singapore Airlines focus on service, it helps the customer grasp exactly what stands out about your offer, and keep the story telling focused. Making such choices is however one of the hardest disciplines in marketing and often people really want to develop [...]

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Cloud based Cuckoo Land. The Dropbox for Real Things

It seems that lacking an insight and any form of meaningful concept or value proposition is no barrier when it comes to getting funding as long as your idea is packaged using internet terminology! The delusion that offering a sensible or valuable advantage to the customer is not necessary as long as you use the word ‘cloud based’ somewhere in your blurb, seems as strong today as it was last [...]

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