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Out of the frying pan and into the fire – PantryChic takes the fun out of baking

Okay folks, it’s time to get nostalgic. Do you remember your childhood days spent sitting on the kitchen surface while you helped your parents prepare a homemade cake? Maybe the moment was captured like this – The scene of flour spilling onto the sideboards and egg whites strewn across the cupboards is something that evokes fond memories for most, and reminds us what fun we had getting creative (and messy) [...]

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Animal Attraction: Stakeholder Chains and the distinction between user and purchaser

Animals by their very nature require little in the way of material things. As long as they have access to food, drink (and the opportunity for a little hanky panky) then they are living pretty fulfilled lives. So, why is it that the pet accessories market is booming, and expected to top many Christmas gift lists this year? Surely there has not been a radical adjustment in the needs of [...]

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Cannibal Pigs and Zippo Fine Fragrance? – Innovate to differentiate Vs Innovate where you differentiate

“Innovate to differentiate” is a well-known mantra that many organisations have engrained into their psyche. And for the most part, it’s a good mantra to practise. After all, a successful brand is one which leads the way when it comes to trends and product development. For some companies who follow the ‘innovate to differentiate’ rule, there’s a strong belief that the best way to stand out in the market, and [...]

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Miss-guided…. Superficial Innovation for Women

Gender-specific innovations always pique my interest.  All too often, these ‘much needed’ products fail spectacularly, incurring a backlash of sarcastic and cutting remarks from disgruntled consumers along the way. Yet companies keep on churning them out, falling into the same trap of misguidance over and over again. While browsing iPad reviews on the net recently, I noticed a few references to a classic example of poorly executed gender-specific innovation - [...]

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Re-inventing the wheel…

For anybody who lives or works in a city environment, just getting from A to B can be an arduous task; queues of stationary traffic, buses packed to capacity, hoards of commuters spewing out onto the pavements. But what can we do to tackle this ever growing problem of city congestion? The solution, according to retired physicist Manuel Alvarez-Icaza, lies within a radical invention known as the ‘Velofeet’. With this [...]

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