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Will this concept will leave you high and dry? An innovation that’s a little wet behind the ears

The average household makes use of at least one type of dryer; there’s the good old tumble dryer for example, for sorting out your soggy laundry. Then there’s the follically-blessed person’s best friend, the hairdryer (which is actually pretty handy for drying most things). Both products are incredibly useful and present simple solutions to recognised problems. Amongst my appliance-owning friends and acquaintances however, I’ve yet to find somebody who owns [...]

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Robot Room Service – Here’s a tip, there is just no benefit.

Whenever I stay in a hotel, whether it’s during a holiday break or an overnight business trip, the process of requesting an extra towel or additional teabags for the “in-room hot beverage facilities” is usually pretty straightforward: you ask the hotel receptionist or porter, and as if by magic your request is fulfilled. I’ve never been left to drip-dry in the en suite, nor have I been left parched due [...]

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Is this new shop assistant Virtually useless?

When it comes to incorporating innovation into marketing strategies, the food and beverage sector always serves up some interesting examples, the latest being Coca Cola’s adoption of ‘virtual assistant’ technology. As reported by EssentialRetail, Coca Cola Enterprises is rolling out an army of virtual assistants (all named ‘Isabelle’)  across Dhamecha wholesale depots in and around London, to inform visiting retailers how they can maximise sales in their stores and best [...]

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A Luke warm concept – (How to create the innovation equivalent of a storm in a Teacup)

Whether you’re a tea sipper or a coffee slurper, there’s usually a mental checklist that precedes wetting your whistle with a brew; has it got enough milk? Is there too much milk? What about the sugar? How often, though, have you found yourself dithering over whether your drink has reached its ‘optimum drinking temperature’ so as not to result in injury? According to UK-based designer Evita Krumina it’s a pressing [...]

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