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‘Is that a lightbulb under your sweater or are you just pleased to see me?’

‘Wearable technology’: it’s the gift for detractors that just keeps on giving. Ok, I’ll admit that some of the products to emerge from this latest trend are interesting, even bordering on useful (the Jawbone fitness tracking wristband, for example), -but let’s face it, a huge volume of inventions masquerading as ‘life-changing’ wearable devices are just pointless; possibly the worst kind of sins against innovation. A case in point is the [...]

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The HAPIfork – a ‘Forkin’ Stupid Innovation

The realm of health and fitness ‘innovation’ is a very strange place indeed; it’s one where logic and common sense are mythical concepts, with pointlessness and ineffectuality reigning supreme. And it seems there’s another contender for the Throne of Misguidance in the form of a next-generation ‘smart fork’, which manufacturers claim will help to encourage weight loss. First unveiled at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the so-called “HAPIfork” promises [...]

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‘Monkey see, monkey do’ – Imitation may be a form of flattery but it won’t help your USP

A couple of months ago I blogged about the relationship between innovation and differentiation; how companies seek to set themselves apart from their competitors and the pathways they take in order to do this. There are those who innovate to differentiate, developing products or services that are radically different to their core offering; then there are those who innovate where they differentiate, sticking to one fundamental offering but creating new [...]

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A concept with its head in the clouds

You may have seen the news reports this week about US airlines making emergency diversions due to sudden outbursts of passenger rage. There have been three such incidents in the space of seven days and, bizarrely, all were sparked by arguments over the same contentious issue: the reclining seat. In the first incident, a fight broke out on a United Airlines flight when a passenger resorted to using a ‘Knee [...]

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