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Seven Christmas Turkeys – Innovations Yule Never Believe

There are gifts that every man and woman knows they shouldn’t give (or receive) at Christmas. Sorry fellas, the special lady in your life really doesn’t get excited about a new cleaning product or the ‘functional’ gifts that we all know would help but really; who wants an emergency car battery charger wrapped up under the Christmas tree? One helpful consumer psychologist recently laid out the six different types of [...]

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Culinary claptrap: Another large bunch of fruity innovations

When I train the logic of creating a compelling value proposition, I always ensure people focus on the alternatives (known also as competitors.) This may seem obvious of course. How could there be value in a new proposition if an existing alternative solution solved the same insight already? That’s a logical first question to ask right? Apparently not. As world problems go, it seems the inability to chop a lettuce [...]

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Talk to the hand? This face ain’t listenin’

Fridge freezers, washer dryers, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner; there are many ‘hybrid’ products and appliances that just make sense and offer convenience for the user without compromising functionality. Then there are those oddball cases where two completely separate entities are forged together to produce something ludicrous, that not only fails as a new innovation but undermines the value of the two original concepts. A great example of this is the [...]

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