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Writing an Insight: How should I structure a written insight?

We’re constantly hearing companies boast that they’re ‘consumer and insight driven’. It’s a selling point we buy into, but - if we stop to think about it - what does ‘insight’ actually mean and is that what we’re actually being given? The best place to start with a definition would be the dictionary. The literal definition in the Oxford English dictionary is “The capacity to gain an accurate and deep [...]

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The Smart Egg Tray – Which came first, the Internet Of Things or the insight?

With the arrival of the ‘Internet of Things’, we now seem to be living in a truly ‘smart’ environment, with developers fighting tooth and nail to contribute to the ‘nu-generation’ of products. And while this presents us with some exciting (and useful) products, it undoubtedly opens up the floodgates for a barrage of pointless innovations that serve no real function other than claiming their seat on the app-enabled bandwagon. I [...]

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