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Edible dinnerware? Use your loaf…

Doing the washing-up is a bit of a bore; let’s be honest about that. Who likes submerging their hands in a whirlpool of detergent-scented baked-bean remnants? Does anybody delight in scrubbing stubborn sauces from bowls? Maybe you’ve tried to be clever and avoid this issue altogether by investing in a bulk-load of paper tableware….only to find yourself confronted by a recycling nightmare. When serving up your evening meal, have you [...]

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‘Twist & Spout’: It takes a lot of bottle to say this innovation makes sense

For most of us, the importance of being ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘going green’ is so engrained within our culture that it almost becomes second nature: our councils encourage us to recycle our waste by putting glass jars and newspapers into special bins; we’re urged to ‘re-use’ carrier bags and turn lights off. Indeed, energy efficiency and sustainability are incorporated into virtually every corporate business strategy. For product development this has huge [...]

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CES (Part II): The Jekyll and Hyde of product development

The curtain has come down on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show so, as promised, I’ll be taking a look back at some of the more notable products that have emerged from the event over the course of its 48-year history. Condensing the masses of inventions –both good and bad- into one single blog is a feat beyond mankind, but I’ve selected a couple of my favourites. Let’s get the more [...]

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CES: Taking a gamble on innovation (Part I)

What is the three-word phrase most commonly associated with January? For most of us it’s Happy New Year; for the average technophile however, the three magic words are ‘Consumer Electronics Show’. Yes, it’s that time again where tech-nobility and crazed gadget-peddlers alike flock to Las Vegas to marvel at the array of ‘next-generation innovations’ set to hit the market. The annual CES event is positioned as a “global stage for [...]

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Mat Shore Innovation Awards 2014: The products and campaigns that ticked all the right boxes

To commemorate start of a brand new year, I thought I would hang my cynical hat for a moment and reflect on some of the best products and campaigns 2014 had to offer, from tear-jerking ads to high-tech gadgetry; these are my top innovation picks. In the true Sinful fashion, each of these products is hinged upon one of my seven deadly sins – I hope you agree but please [...]

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