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MICA: where high-fashion meets low-tech

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, wearable tech is a popular target for my ‘constructive criticism’ on product development. It isn’t down to me having an irrational dislike of body-based gadgets; it’s wholly due to the fact that the majority of wearable devices are in no way driven by insight. Just a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the Apple Watch as an example of drill-based [...]

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How to test a product idea: why listening to customer feedback should be your first step

When I meet with new clients, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how do I test a value proposition or new product concept with customers?’. People want to know the correct method; should they use qualitative or quantitative market research, or both? What information should be presented to the customer? In this 2 minute video I discuss the market research techniques that are proven to work and the [...]

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‘You can’t please all of the people, all of the time’ – The importance of narrowing down your target

Targeting, -defining your potential customer base- is the most important stage in the framework for creating a value proposition; yet it is the one which is the most overlooked. The reason for this is that people mistake segmentation and targeting for creating a business case. Developers often fall into the trap of trying to create a value proposition for everybody; Why? Well, a product that everybody will buy looks good [...]

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Is Apple Watch a Drill or a Hole? – Why insights should be built around desired outcomes

When I talk to clients about the ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation’, and the danger of developers pushing ideas to the market (Sin Number 1!), I often make reference to the following analogy: nobody ever needed a drill; what they needed was a hole. My view is that the Apple Watch is a clear sinner in this regard, but more of that later.. first let’s explore the implications of drill [...]

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