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Convenience food innovation? – You’ve got to be yolking!

Do you remember a few years ago how Delia Smith ruffled a few feathers by attempting to educate the nation on how to cook an egg? Well, it looks like egg-gate is about to resurface judging by some of the journo clucking. –But it isn’t the culinary quips of a TV chef that are causing a stir this time round, -rather a Nottingham-based manufacturer of convenience foods. Just last week [...]

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Apple Watch, Microsoft Health Band and the ‘Diet Choker’ – these health tech innovations are getting harder to swallow

Love it or hate it, there seems to be no escaping Apple at the moment. Its constant stream of ‘new’ gadgets has in itself become a bit of a joke; next time you’re on Twitter, put in a quick search for ‘#NewAppleProducts’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean! (Well done to The Poke for collating some of the funniest suggestions for the next Apple creation to hit the market). [...]

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Insights Vs Observations: patterns of behaviour are only data points until we understand why they are happening

In this video I describe the difference between Observations and Insights. I explain why one of the simplest and most frequent mistakes we make when generating insights is to mistake facts about the customer for insight into the customer. Interesting discoveries, patterns of behaviour and trends are only data points until we understand why they are happening! If I were to tell you that most people in a restaurant don’t [...]

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Innovation Saint – The Auto Disable LifeSaver Syringe

With all this talk of innovation sinners, it’s really quite nice to look at what happens when someone considers customer insights. There are a multitude of innovation saints out there, both in B2C and B2B businesses. My favourite story is a remarkably simple piece of technology which avoids Sin Number 5 (overcomplicating things) beautifully. Although developed as a concept over 30 years ago, it has garnered significant press attention recently [...]

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