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Consistency is Key – Just ask Coca-Cola!

In last week’s blog, when discussing the process of defining a product’s USP, I touched upon the importance of consistency in helping the customer to understand a value proposition. You see, the fundamental point of a value proposition is so that we can explain to the customer how we’re going to solve their biggest, unmet need in a better way. The problem is it can take a long time for [...]

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Understanding Superiority and USP’s – Avoiding too many airbags and knocking your own salami

When constructing a Value Proposition, the final stage of the process involves defining the ‘discriminator’. Also referred to as the differentiator or the Unique Selling Point (USP), this is a single sentence that summarises the entire value proposition and explains why a product is unique or superior. The way to think about a discriminator is ‘it’s always focused around the benefit, never around the technology’. To illustrate, let’s consider the [...]

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‘Hair today, gone tomorrow’ – why the latest piece of wearable tech is destined for the chop

From Domino’s ‘driverless delivery vehicles’ to Crosswater’s self-tanning digital shower, brands excelled themselves earlier this month with ludicrous product and service launches, -all in celebration of April Fools’ day. Perhaps my favourite example of fake ‘innovation excellence’ has to be ‘Hairware’; the system which enables women to control their smartphones, simply by playing with their hair.     However, a little more research and my worst fears have been confirmed; [...]

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Constructing a Value Proposition: why technology is never a ‘benefit’

Many of the companies I work with love technology; they see it as the lifeblood of innovation. But while technology can be incredibly impressive, it often leaves clients a little blindsided when it comes to product development. People forget that technology is just a means to an end, not the end in itself. Because of this, clients fall into the trap of trying to sell the Value Proposition with technology [...]

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