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No more dustpans, just a load of rubbish

Of all the household cleaning and maintenance tasks, which one pains you the most? Unblocking a sink? Clearing slimy leaves out of the guttering? …or what about cleaning charred remains from the oven after an unfortunate culinary experience? Well apparently our Number 1 annoyance comes with the energy and determination required to wield this sadistic tool: A dustpan and brush,- the ‘problem’ gadget that lurks in our utility rooms, waiting [...]

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Stimulating a customer response – How to avoid ‘dead mouse’ insights

A few years ago I was delivering a training session to a group of PhD’s in a research department in Germany. One of the scientists stopped me as I was talking about insights and proceeded to tell me the following story: “At Berkley University researchers carried out a study where they put a cat in a room with a mouse. When the cat failed to display any immediate reaction, the [...]

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Stakeholder Chains and the Red Thread

When I talk and train in organisations where there is a complex series of stakeholders, people often comment that they understand how the process of insight generation and targeting works in B2C organisations, -where a proposition is very clearly being communicated  just between the manufacturer and consumer, - but for projects with multiple stakeholders the concept can’t be applied as easily. When I ask how insight generation actually works for [...]

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‘Dogs go woof, cats go meow’ – smart gadgetry for dumb pet-owners

Since Britain’s Got Talent reclaimed its Saturday night telly slot a few weeks ago, the internet has been awash with reviews of the ‘skilled’ performers, all vying for a place in the live finals. This little canine in particular has gained a lot of attention:   It’s Princess the Hypnodog, -a pooch who can communicate with humans and mess with their minds to the point where they fall into a [...]

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