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Why clever people don’t need to try to look smart

  In looking at innovation and the Seven Deadly Sins, I often uncover products and ideas that show that simple ideas can be the best. A value proposition should not be difficult to understand or communicate and the 5th Deadly Sin of Innovation (Over-Complicating things) isn't an inevitability. Many times in fact we try and make things sound more complicated than they are to make ourselves look clever. Somehow we [...]

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The Easy Way To Write Benefits – So What?

When it comes to writing a value proposition, the benefit that we offer should be the simplest thing to define surely? It's the promise to solve the customers biggest unmet need. Promising to solve other things, or promising a whole bunch of unrelated features and specifications isn't a benefit. That's a mess. However, in my experience the biggest single mistake people make when defining their benefit is to think that [...]

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