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The Faster Horse Myth – How some try to deny the need for Customer Insight

I'm convinced that Fords quote regarding the Faster Horse is the most misleading and abused quote in innovation history. I'm also becoming progressively more convinced that he never even said it! There is no documented mention of the quote until 2003! Nonetheless I spend my entire life being forced to debunk this quote. If you are one of the few that isn't aware of the quote I'm referring to then [...]

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Dyson Hairdryer – Who is a fan of this insight?

Let me start by saying, I am a fan of Dyson (pun intended). Dyson is a British business that actually manufactures something (a pleasant change from the norm). It also invests heavily in design and development and employs hundreds if not thousands in trying to create innovative solutions. So far so good. My issue is that very rapidly Dyson have evolved into a technology push organisation, that progressively tries to [...]

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