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Mat Shore has an infectious passion for innovation. His ability to explain and encourage new thinking in innovation has led to Mat being invited to train over 35,000 people in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe over the last 10 years. Mat Shore has worked on countless innovation projects with market leaders such as GE, Philips, Samsung, Citrix and many more. His simple but proven 6 elements method for writing insights and value propositions is used by a quarter of a million employees worldwide.

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His material on innovation has been delivered to over 35,000 people worldwide. In 2013 Mat was asked to be the key note speaker at the PMA conference in New Orleans, one of the worlds largest conferences with 20,000 attendees, In this speech he delivered his 7 deadly sins speech to great acclaim. You can see a clip from his key note below and read his article on the 7 sins published in Real Business here. In January 2015 Mat was interviewed by the Times Newspaper about his views on innovation you can read the Times Interview Here.

In 2003 Mat founded Outside In™, a successful Innovation and Training company, that helps clients worldwide challenge their per-conceived ideas on insights, propositions and innovation. In the last 14 years, Outside in have consulted on B2B and B2C innovations in 27 countries.

Mat has worked on countless innovation projects with market leaders such as GE, Philips, Citrix, Electrolux, Coca Cola, Nestle, Tetrapak, P&G, Belkin and Navteq. He has also worked with service providers, agencies, universities and start ups. Mat’s extensive expertise in this area led to him being asked to train the MBA faculty at Washington University in Insight and proposition development.


Apart from his public speaking talents, Mat has many years experience in synthesising insights, generating propositions and moderating customer and consumer work. As a leading trainer in innovation he’ll always find a relevant and motivating example to inspire your team to new breakthrough thinking.