Brilliant Innovation – Swapping school for bottles of energy

I’m always on the look out for examples of Heavenly Innovations.

I’ve found an elegant Value Proposition here in the form of Yolk. The insight?

150 million children are suffering from Child Labour and they are deprived of childhood and educational opportunities. But child labour and the resulting loss of schooling is essentially a money problem.

Therefore, any solution should encourage parents to send kids to school by compensating them with something more valuable than the wages from their child’s labour.

And what is this solution?

A Solar Cow, inside the school area within rural Kenya. At school they provide students with Power Milk, which are portable batteries shaped like a milk bottle. Students come in the morning and charge their Power Milk through Solar Cow, so that after class, they go home with a fully charged power source that serves the entire household.

Education is what takes place while they are waiting for Power Milk to be charged.

Great example of a Value Proposition from Yolk

Power Milk contain enough capacity to meet most needs for electricity for the average local household: charging cell phones and powering a flashlight, a radio, or other gadgets. Find out more here.

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Yolks Website

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