I wish this innovation was a joke. Doritos for women is not a finger licking idea!

I read today that the guys at Pepsi who own Doritos are looking at launching a range of snacks for women. To launch women specific innovation is always a tightrope that must be walked carefully. Use stereotypes and tired old cliches instead of true insights and you risk alienating 50% of your user base and bringing derision to your brand. So what are the insights Doritos are using for what [...]

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Why this formula predicts the next L’Oreal and Nokia innovation will flop!

I was recently asked by a national newspaper to try and work out a fundamental formula that would predict whether a new piece of innovation was going to be a success. Something simple, which involved only 3 variables! I gave it some thought, I ran it passed my 11 year old son, who applied it to his favorite devices and technologies and I think the following formula is to innovation [...]

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Dove -Black to White Insight, What were they thinking?

It seems that for all Unilever's expertise in insight generation and market research they still allowed this shocking Dove ad to come to market. Admitting only after a massive backlash that they 'missed the mark', Unilever has wholeheartedly apologized and withdrawn the campaign in which a black woman uses Dove soap and seemingly turns white! Having considered every insight and message I am supposed to have taken from this communication [...]

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Amabrush – This new innovation is a real mouthful!

I recently received word of a new innovation in the Oral care market called Amabrush (seemingly pronounced like Armour Brush rather than 'I'm a Brush 'which would have been better at explaining what the hell this is, I think). It's a tooth brush that looks like a boxers gum shield and when you stick it in your mouth, gives you the exact look of the gimp from pulp fiction except [...]

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You won’t believe this $100 million juicer for suckers!

7 Deadly Sins of Innovation (Juicero) Sin Number 5 - Over Complicating Stuff - Making something so elaborate and over engineered that it's pointless For many years I've told the story  during my Insight training about the internet connected Iron that I was asked to consult on. It held the owners phone number, email address and cell phone number and if they left their iron on at home, it called [...]

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Apple Watch Was A Drill – It’s Official!

At the launch of the Apple Watch I made a prediction that the product would not achieve the game changing predictions bestowed upon it by over zealous commentators and Apple zealots. My predictions were not particularly 'courageous' to use Apple's own vocubulary, rather a simple logic based upon the fact that I nor anyone I spoke to could actually describe the value proposition of the Apple Watch. There existed a [...]

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