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Amabrush – This new innovation is a real mouthful!

I recently received word of a new innovation in the Oral care market called Amabrush (seemingly pronounced like Armour Brush rather than 'I'm a Brush 'which would have been better at explaining what the hell this is, I think). It's a tooth brush that looks like a boxers gum shield and when you stick it in your mouth, gives you the exact look of the gimp from pulp fiction except [...]

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7 Heavenly Habits of Innovation – Overview of the 7 Habits

The 7 Heavenly Habits of Innovation – By Mat Shore Insight and Value Proposition Expert   Following the success of his 2015 book ‘ The Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation’ Mat Shore will release his new book in Spring 2017 entitled ‘The Seven Heavenly Habits of Innovation’. As you’ve come to expect from Mat Shore, The 7 Heavenly Habits of Innovation contains many clear and successful examples of innovation and [...]

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