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Dove -Black to White Insight, What were they thinking?

It seems that for all Unilever's expertise in insight generation and market research they still allowed this shocking Dove ad to come to market. Admitting only after a massive backlash that they 'missed the mark', Unilever has wholeheartedly apologized and withdrawn the campaign in which a black woman uses Dove soap and seemingly turns white! Having considered every insight and message I am supposed to have taken from this communication [...]

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Amabrush – This new innovation is a real mouthful!

I recently received word of a new innovation in the Oral care market called Amabrush (seemingly pronounced like Armour Brush rather than 'I'm a Brush 'which would have been better at explaining what the hell this is, I think). It's a tooth brush that looks like a boxers gum shield and when you stick it in your mouth, gives you the exact look of the gimp from pulp fiction except [...]

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Elevator Pitch vs Value Proposition vs Positioning Statement – What’s What?

As someone who has trained 35,000 people worldwide in insight and Value Proposition generation the most frequent question I get asked is "What is a Value Proposition?" closely followed by "How does it differ from an Elevator Pitch or Brand Positioning?" Worry no longer because here is the definitive explanation without the jargon! A Value Proposition - The definition At its purest level a value proposition is a clear story [...]

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What was your favourite innovation of 2016?

I'd love to hear what you think was the most innovative solution of 2016. What idea made you think "Wow! I wish I'd thought of that!" or "That's brilliant, it will be a game changer for their industry!" Have you said "Wow where has that been all my life!" about something you read about or saw in your market place in 2016? Then I want to know. Perhaps it was [...]

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This Quote Isn’t Accurate – Here’s Why!

  I have seen this quote from Oren Harari who was a business professor at the University of San Francisco and the author of a number of management books doing the rounds on Linked In and noticed lots of people like it. They show their appreciation by clicking the little thumbs up underneath it in their droves, but I wonder how much thought they'veconsidered it as a statement of fact [...]

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An Inflatable MRI!- A Brilliant insight driven healthcare innovation

Very often when I'm teaching teams in the Healthcare space they initially tell me that in B2B and in highly regulated markets such as Healthcare, emotional insights don't have any place. It's all about clinical needs and functional benefits! In my training, I always challenge that assumption on the basis that there is no where you will hear the phrase 'How do you feel?' more than in a hospital. Understanding [...]

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