I’d love to hear what you think was the most innovative solution of 2016.

What idea made you think “Wow! I wish I’d thought of that!” or “That’s brilliant, it will be a game changer for their industry!”

Have you said “Wow where has that been all my life!” about something you read about or saw in your market place in 2016? Then I want to know.

Perhaps it was the disposable paper Bike helmet



Or the OSMO coding toy for the iPad that encourages even the youngest girls and boys to get into coding and and programming?


The interactive augmented reality Climbing wall?




Or perhaps your preference would be the convertable high heeled shoe?

Was it the inflatable MRI for children

Many more saw huge advantages to this water carrier for developing nations.

Just drop a quick description in the comments box about what you loved about your favourite solution of 2016 and leave a link to a web page or youtube video, so others can learn about your favourite.

I’ll send out a signed copy of my book the Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation to the best comment I receive.

Can’t wait to read about your best innovations!