Mat Shore and his company Outside In are one of the worlds experts in training insights and value proposition

Unlike other large consulting agencies, we do not develop anything other than insight and value propositions for technology companies.

This complete specialism on one area means we are experts in this field and repeatedly exposed to new examples and ideas every day.

We believe that training and consulting go hand in hand, so our consultants are able to train business groups and project teams ‘on the go’ as they develop live projects.

The ability to create live action workshops as part of innovation development is a unique benefit of Outside In™ and means that teams get to apply their learning immediately but also develop the skills to replicate this all again in the future. Unlike other consultancies, we want your team to learn to do this for themselves!

Teams come away from workshops and meetings not only armed with the competency to create better insights and value propositions in the future, but also the groundwork of a real project than we believe that is clearly highly desirable

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“Mats view on outside-in thinking will make us a much more formidable competitor. Everyone should attend these sessions at least once.”

CEO and Chairman Philips

“I’d like to thank you again for the training this week.  Lots of really great feedback from the team after you left.  And I can say personally that this was one of the most enjoyable, relevant and fascinating sessions I’ve been in.”

Vice President Customer Experience Citrix

“Innovation as entertainment. No one sleeps when Mat’s on stage. His thinking is fantastic,”

Global Director Tetrapak

“Mat Shore doesn’t just inspire with wonderful stories, his background in business means he can relate it directly back to the audiences job”

Vice President GlaxoSmithkline

“I’d seen Mat speak before, but when I heard he was the key note speaker at the conference, I made sure everyone I worked with came. He was electric!”

Marketing Director Unilever

“Best presentation of the day. Very pleased Mat Shore was on the agenda. Challenging and simple, kept everyone engaged, really got the audience participating and with 200 people that was quite a job!”

Delegate Global Foods NPD Forum

“Mat Shore can make marketing and innovation exciting in a way that no one else I’ve ever seen can do”

CMO Philips

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