Mat Shore Outside In 6 Block Method 1At its purest level a value proposition is a clear story that explains how your product or service solves a customers problem in a unique or superior way.

Why do we need to write this down?

There are numerous people who need to understand our idea, how it works and what makes is valuable. These range from customers and users (consumers) through to people within our own organisation such as R&D, Design, Sales, Senior Managers and Marketing Communication specialists.

What happens if we don’t do this well?

Put simply, without a Value Proposition everyone makes their own mind up about what the product or service does. This means that the engineers and designers create features and functionality that delivers one thing, the marketing team promise something different in advertising and packaging and the sales team sell whatever idea seems sensible when they stand in-front of the customer.

What about the customer or consumer?

They very often get confused and either buy nothing or buy from a competitor that is better at explaining the value of their idea (even if technically they are inferior). The single biggest reason innovation and product ideas fail is because the target audience do not understand the value proposition

Not understanding needs

So a good story of a product is vital?

Its critical to success and it’s easy to do if you know the simple rules

What elements are needed in every Value Proposition?

All the big marketing companies and experts tend to write value propositions in a similar way. Some have Brand Keys, others have Proposition trees, there are Brand Pyramids, Brand Targets, Proposition Umbrellas and no doubt somewhere a Brand Dodecahedron. Principles such as insights, segmentation, proof points, hygiene factors and USP’s seem to periodically occur in most of these approaches, but nothing that you could define as a simple universal approach exists. Until now there has been no formal rule-set on how to write a Value Proposition effectively

You need just 6 sequential elements to build your story

Over a decade, we’ve analysed the tools and methods of the worlds best companies to find the key elements you need to tell your story well. The end result is the Outside in 6 Block method, a table of six elements that occur in all the big marketing company templates and which when approached sequentially create the steps required to build the most effective value proposition. Don’t think of this as template though, think of it as a thinking framework which will help you walk through your idea and focus and bring clarity to your proposition.

Mat Shore Outside In 6 Block Method

Why can it only be written on a single page?

It’s simple. The more space and words you use, the less focused you are required to be. Companies that write value propositions in a disciplined way, limit themselves to a single page so that their story is clear, choiceful and not open to interpretation by other employees or the customer.

What are these 6 core elements?

You need to focus on a target, work out what they need then see why other alternatives fail to address that opportunity adequately. Then you need to clearly communicate the benefit you offer and prove you can deliver it in a better way than those others. Communicating your ideas inside and outside the company in a proposition that follows that structure is proven to work every time.

To find out exactly how to use this Outside In 6 Block Method watch the comprehensive 4 minute video below


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