I read today that the guys at Pepsi who own Doritos are looking at launching a range of snacks for women.

To launch women specific innovation is always a tightrope that must be walked carefully. Use stereotypes and tired old cliches instead of true insights and you risk alienating 50% of your user base and bringing derision to your brand.

So what are the insights Doritos are using for what the Daily Telegraph has already named ‘Lady-Friendly Snacks’?

Quoted in the Sun today,  Global chief exec Indra Nooyi said: “Although women would love to crunch crisps loudly, lick their fingers and pour crumbs from the bag into their mouth afterwards, they prefer not to do this in public….’are there snacks for women that can be designed and packaged differently?’ yes, we are looking at it, and we’re getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon.””

God help us!

Pepsi and Doritos could well take a lesson from Bic Crystal pens, which suffered the wrath of both male and female consumers, when they patronised instead of innovated.

Watch a clip about that comical foray into female innovation here.



I think this new idea is half baked. What do you think?