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The Faster Horse Myth – How some try to deny the need for Customer Insight

http://wisdomspot.org/tag/bjp 26 April, 2016

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neurontin 300 mg cost I’m convinced that Ford’s quote regarding the Faster Horse is the most misleading and abused quote in innovation history. I’m also becoming progressively more convinced that he never even said it! There is no documented mention of the quote until 2003! Nonetheless I spend my entire life being forced to debunk this quote. If you […]

Writing a Value Proposition – The Definitive Guide – 6 elements you’ll need

25 September, 2015

6 Elements Method

Let me tell you about how the Periodic table was invented. For years experts had struggled with a way to explain the building blocks of the Universe, the story of how things interact and what unique elements existed. The story has it that in 1869 Dmitri Mendeleev had written the properties of elements on pieces […]

The Air Umbrella – A Kickstarter damp squib?

20 October, 2014

Reading through various tech publications this week, I’ve noticed a certain Kickstarter project seems to be creating a lot of noise. And by ‘noise’ I’m not referring to whoops of excitement, -more the collective sound of palms slapping foreheads (from those with a little common sense at least!) This is the offending invention: A turbo […]