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Don’t wash your hands of good ideas – Insights vs Observations

22 November, 2021

In my latest post on Insights vs Observations I’m going to focus on a Hungarian doctor called Ignaz Semmelweis In 1846 the pervasive belief amongst the general population (including most doctors) was that illness was caused by bad air and evil spirits. So much so that the Victorians had a habit of leaving their windows […]

No bullet holes? What they say about Insights vs Observations

18 November, 2021

Observations are facts, data points or trends that are visible not usually just to us, but to others (including our competitors)
If asked what the biggest single mistake people make when writing Value Propositions, I’ll reply that 90% of them contain no insight at all, simply observations.
Let me tell you the story of Abraham Wald a Hungarian Jew who spent the second world war in the USA doing his part for the war effort as part of the classified SRG (Statistical Research Group)

Amazon Astro – Roaming around your home? – Good idea or not?

30 September, 2021

This week I saw the announcement from Amazon of the Astro household robot. It appears to be an Amazon Fire Tablet on a large castor that rolls in an out of your living space, recording and broadcasting video and audio. What could possibly go wrong?

This Value Proposition give me a sinking feeling! – Check out the video

21 July, 2021

Lets analyse the Value Proposition of the Osman Can Ozcanli and Batu Manoğlu for Eczacıbaşı Vitra.

At first glance it seems like a cool idea, but a good Value Proposition coach needs to look beyond the initial ‘Wow’ factor and ask the difficult questions. So here goes…

1) Who is this targeted at?
2) What problem does it solve?
3) Why is it better than any number of existing alternatives?
3) Why is a sink that is initially hidden add any benefit?

Is there such a thing as a Universal Insight? – No! (Not unless you believe everyone thinks, acts and believes the exact same things) – Myth 3

28 June, 2021

I regularly engage with organisations where the #officeboor in senior management believes that they are on the lookout for universal insights. Unfortunately for that to actually happen, we’d need to imagine we operate in a soulless homogenous market place and believe that all our customers value the exact same thing, hold the same priorities and speaks exactly the same way about them. Which is a little tricky to believe.

Online Value Proposition: What Is It and How to Develop One for Your Business?

24 June, 2021

6 Elements Method

The world of online value proposition explained Organizations want to maximize the marketing ROI from online channels. In fact, businesses need a detailed and distinguishing online value proposition or OVP for their target audiences. If you think that bringing your existing brand promises and service propositions to the online world will be enough, then you […]

No one needed an iPhone until Apple made one! – Can you really create needs that don’t exist? No! – Meet Myth number 2

23 June, 2021

You know when the #Officeboor tells you repeatedly that Steve Jobs just stuck his finger in the air, created the future and developed the smartphone when no one asked for it. That’s a lie. The sort of people who say this believe they are the next Steve Jobs because they have a goatee beard and are toying […]

Henry Ford said – “If I’d asked them what they wanted, they’d have asked for a faster horse!” – Fake News – Find out why.

23 June, 2021

Henry Ford said – “If I’d asked them what they wanted, they’d have asked for a faster horse!” – Fake News – Find out why. How to debunk the myth:
Henry Ford never said that, there is no record of that quote until 2006.
It is not the customers job to tell you ‘how to solve’ the problem but to define the problem that needs solving. Tell the office boor that if they are asking the target to specify the technology, they are doing innovation wrong!

A Proven Way of Writing a Value Proposition

04 June, 2021

6 Elements Method

Most of the time, business leaders think they have to work hard to improve their services or products. But if they want their business to gel with their target audience, they’ll have to be as close to their customers as they’re with their offerings. As a business leader, familiarize yourself with your customer’s needs and […]

How to judge a great Value Proposition – Power Questions to challenge the likely success of new innovations

24 May, 2021

If you and your team work through these questions you should be able to quickly tell whether you have approached the value proposition from a true customer/consumer perspective and whether your idea is too complicated or over engineered to explain. These 7 sets of Power Questions for innovation expert Mat Shore will help