Knock Knock – Who’s there? – Another misguided Value Proposition

10 March, 2021

I came across the LG InstaView fridge the other day

The premise is that the fridge has a large expensive glass panel on the fridge door (LG Door-in-Door TM) which uses some clever technology or other to reveal what’s on the other side of the door.

You heard right, you knock on the door twice and the panel clears showing what would have happened had you simply opened the door.

But it gets better.

In their infinite wisdom, LG have created this Door-in-Door TM technology so it only reveals what’s on the shelf on the inside of door. In my house that’s a couple of bottles of tomato ketchup and a few dodgy looking pickle jars.

No one arranges their juice and milk bottles in precise curated rows as shown in the advert unless they are a serial killer.

You still need to actually open the door to see the majority of your fridge’s contents, most of which will be nestling far back in the recesses behind last nights chicken bhuna.

A mere £1999 pounds will buy you this marvel of over-engineering.

What is the insight? What is the benefit? What evidence is there that knocking on the door is actually simpler than opening it?

Tell me what you think?