Smart Healthcare Innovation – Great Digital Bandage Value Proposition

02 April, 2021

I saw a great story in the Times about a bandage that uses sensors to measure how much strain is being put on a wound and records the patient’s temperature.

The data is then sent to the clinicians app.

Now you know I’m never a fan of solutions that connect to apps for the sheer hell of it.

Read my lips ‘Being internet connected’ is not a Benefit, it’s an enabler to a Benefit!”

So why is this a great example?

First the insight.

Patients with an open wound, such as an ulcer or footsore, often need to have their bandage checked frequently to check how well it is healing, which can mean multiple trips to the doctor.

And the Benefit?

The smart bandage can send updates on the wound to a clinician for feedback on how your wound is healing and early warnings on infections.

This will save millions by monitoring people in their own homes and picking up on the clues of when the particular condition is getting out of control.

Finally, How does it work? (The RTB)

A tiny sensor checks if the right amount of pressure is being applied, which can help accelerate healing for issues such as an ulcer, while monitoring how it is closing up.

Find out more here: What do you think?