Bzigo – Smartphone app that notifies you of a mosquito then does nothing

01 April, 2021

An early contendor for my ‘Bizarre Value Proposition of the year award’ goes to Bzigo.

This is the first-ever device that actively detects and locates mosquitoes. A smartphone notification alerts you that a mosquito is in the room, and the a laser pointer shows you its precise location.

How does it work ?

Well according to the manufacturers, “Building on years of exhaustive research they have developed ‘Computer Vision Algorithms’ that ‘analyse the movement of tiny objects in then room”

Then like a flashback to the Reagan era ‘Star Wars’ project Bzigo fires a laser at the offending critter while simultaneously sending a notification to the obligatory app.

Wow, automatically blasting mosquitos with lasers how cool you might think.


Bzigo doesn’t kill the mosquitos. It only notifies you.

And what happens if you have multiple mosquitos?

Pop on an Avicci track, break out your whistle and glow sticks.

Rave time!!

For something that doesn’t in fact kill mosquitoes, the retail price at launch in 2022 will be a whopping $169. I want something to get rid of mosquitos not notify me I have a problem and leave me to sort it out.

What do you think?