What a carry on! – Motorised hand luggage with 6+ mile range

26 March, 2021


What a carry on! – Motorised hand luggage with 6+ mile range

This week I found out about ModoBag, it’s a motorized suitcase for those who regularly find themselves up to 6 miles from their gate at an airport, can avoid carpet and stairs and hardly carry anything when they fly.

Is that you?

The downside of this is that the ModoBag itself weighs 20 pounds (9kg) and has a severely curtailed capacity due to it doubling up as a clown car for frequent flyers with no shame.

The makers say’ “The next time you travel, instead of lugging around your heavy suitcase, let your luggage do the work of carrying you around.”

It will certainly make your wallet lighter at the very least, coming in at a mere $1,495.

But just think of the admiring looks you will get as the TSA officer pops your hand luggage through the Xray machine and spots the multitude of wires, pistons and batteries. That experience alone is priceless.

There are legitimate insights to be solved at airports regarding disabled access, easier experiences and shorter journeys, however the Value Proposition and targeting of the ModoBag means this idea is unlikely to ‘Take off’!

You can watch the video here. What do you think?

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